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Who We Are

About Us

Founded by an international, multidisciplinary team, the Regulated Carbon Project provides carbon market analytics, insights, forecasting  and financial products, including the EO2 token that uses regulated carbon compliance to allow companies to make a transparent and measurable investment in a low-carbon economy. 


Carbon markets experts

We  assess company’s current methodologies and the risk of greenwashing, guiding them towards sustainable investments and away from uncertain offsets in the voluntary market. Our EO2 tokens are fully backed by compliant carbon allowances, namely the  European Union Allowances (EUAs).


EO2 tokens

Stored on  public blockchain networks, with a proven safety track record, they incur no maintenance costs  Access is seamless, the once  long, bureaucratic process of acquiring EUAs is replaced by a one-click buy and redemption. Every EO2 token is backed by the EU’s remaining carbon budget so they keep increasing in value. 

 The Regulated Carbon Project allows companies to invest tonne by tonne in removing carbon emissions, in a simple, measurable investment.

Our mission

The Regulated Carbon Project is on a mission to offer an impactful alternative to the offsets on the voluntary market, by opening the regulated carbon market to all. 

Our mission is to make the regulated carbon market efficient, transparent and inclusive.

Our EO2 tokens are a safe and sustainable alternative Digital Asset suitable to meet the financial needs for diversification and investment of individuals and an effective resource to achieve the sustainability goals of businesses while fighting Climate Change.


Core values

We are proud to be the first company in the world to combine blockchain technology and the regulated carbon market to make regulated carbon credits available to everyone, everywhere.

The Regulated Carbon Project brings together the best of Carbon Markets and blockchain technology. It makes available to everyone from everywhere a sustainable Digital Asset that removes barriers and frictions to access the compliant carbon market.

The circulation of EO2 Tokens will increase the demand and the price of Emission Allowances, thus contributing to the transition to Carbon Neutral Future.


Meet The Team


plinio herrera

Plinio Herrera Schuwirth

Founder & Director of Operations

Untitled design (11)

Sarah de Castro

Co-founder, Communications, Brand & Presence


Gianfranco Gianfrate

Gianfranco Gianfrate

Sustainable Finance Advisor. Professor of Finance. 

Elena Doms

Elena Doms

Sustainability Advisor, Head of Earth Plus & Education Mentor.

Miguel Lopez Torres

Miguel Lopez Torres

IT Advisor, Software Architecture specialist. 

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