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Hedging Climate Transition Risk with EUAs for Companies Importing to Europe
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CBAM at a glance

Carbon leakage occurs when companies based in the EU move carbon-intensive production abroad to countries with less stringent climate policies. Imported goods don’t reflect this difference in carbon quota, even if they compete with EU companies in the EU market.

To solve the Carbon Leakage issue, the EU established the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). This mechanism puts a fair price on the carbon emitted during the production of carbon intensive goods that are entering the EU, to encourage cleaner industrial production in non-EU countries.

Navigating CBAM


The Regulated Carbon Project’s innovative consultancy services and accurate predictions, coupled with access to the EO2 tokens of the Regulated Market  helps any company impacted by the CBAM to navigate the financial challenges with ease.

With our help, you can focus on what you do best – growing your business and contributing to a more sustainable future.

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Build a better brand:  Boost your brand's reputation and appeal to conscious consumers with EUAs.


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Don't get left behind:  Stay ahead of the game and avoid penalties by purchasing EUAs

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Secure your future: Protect your bottom line and hedge against climate transition risk with EUAs

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Make your mark with meaningful impact.

If you are a company looking to do your part for the environment while still staying competitive in the European market, look no further than the solution of purchasing European Union Allowances (EUAs).

These carbon credits, representing one tonne of CO2 equivalent emissions, can be purchased through the Regulated Carbon Project in the form of EO2 tokens.

By investing in EUAs, companies can not only offset its carbon footprint and comply with the CBAM requirements but also reduce the cost of doing business in Europe. With this innovative solution, businesses can show their commitment to sustainability, while simultaneously protecting their bottom line

 By using EUAs to offset  carbon emissions, companies can meet the CBAM requirements, reduce costs, and even enhance their reputation among environmentally conscious consumers. With EUAs, you can not only comply with regulations but also hedge your climate transition risk, demonstrating your commitment to a low-carbon future. Don't miss out on this valuable tool for success – invest in EUAs and position yourself for a sustainable future.