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EO2 tokens

Completely mitigate the price volatility and increase of the carbon markets, while eliminating any risk of greenwashing.

Regulated carbon tokens
impact investment

EO2 tokens

EO2 tokens are a financial instrument that can be used to completely mitigate the price volatility and increase of the carbon markets, while eliminating any risk of greenwashing. 

EO2 tokens are sold at a price fixed by the European registry. The price is stable, eliminating fluctuation risk.

Companies and investors can use these digital assets as a hedging tool, paying less now for a valuable commodity that is only set to increase in price.

Each tonne of CO2 that is represented by an EO2 token is based on actual emission reduction from the top emitters in the regulated carbon market.



The Regulated Carbon Market

  • Established and regulated by the EU commission.
  • Up to now, a closed market with barriers to entry.
  • High friction and low liquidity.
  • Credits can be held as investment or surrendered: both have environmental value

This is in contrast to the voluntary market where a total lack of visibility makes it difficult, if not impossible, to to make an informed buying decision regarding the quality of the projects. 


eo2 regulated carbon market

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Build a better brand:  Boost your brand's reputation and appeal to conscious consumers with regulated EO2 tokens.


Secure Future

Don't get left behind:  Stay ahead of the game and avoid penalties by purchasing CO2 tokens.

Future Invest

Secure your future: Protect your bottom line and hedge against climate transition risk with EO2.

 By using EUAs to offset  carbon emissions, companies can meet upcoming requirements, reduce costs, and even enhance their reputation among environmentally conscious consumers. With EO2 tokens from the Regulated Carbon Project, you can not only comply with regulations but also hedge your climate transition risk, demonstrating your commitment to a low-carbon future. Don't miss out on this valuable tool for success – invest in the Regulated Carbon Project's EO2 tokens and position yourself for a sustainable future.