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The regulated carbon project

Your gateway to regulated carbon markets & requirements.


Measurable Impact

As a provider of carbon financial products and specialist consulting services, EO2 enables companies to best manage the shift to a low-carbon economy. EO2 helps companies pursue a sustainable
agenda. With a range of solutions from consultancy services to the trading of certified carbon certificates on the regulated market, EO2 is the certified partner for companies ready to become
accountable, responsible, and contribute to emissions reduction efforts, by meeting European requirements and acting as a frontrunner in environmental protection.

  • The regulated carbon market is now open to all
  • Companies no longer accept the risks of the voluntary market
  • The regulated market ensures carbon reduction
  • Credits can be held as investment or surrendered: both have environmental value
  • The regulated market is a wiser investment and a win for the environment

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Sustainability services

 Experts in climate transition

Our consultancy solutions help you meet sustainability goals faster, with a focus on navigating regulations and emissions trading.

As leaders in the regulated carbon market, we guide companies towards sustainable investments and away from uncertain offsets in the voluntary market.

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Every business deserves access to a transparent framework for creating a meaningful impact and actively pursue a sustainability agenda.

Impact investing

Invest better, eliminate greenwashing risk 


EO2 are the sustainable digital token by The Regulated Carbon Project. 

Backed by regulated carbon credits, they allow businesses and individuals to fight climate change in a way that is measurable and impactful. 


Navigating CBAM


Companies importing goods to Europe now face the EU's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). The CBAM will require companies to pay a fee based on the carbon footprint of the production of the imported goods.

The Regulated Carbon Project offers solutions in the form of consultancy services, prediction, and access to the EO2 tokens of the Regulated Market for any company impacted or concerned by the potential financial impact of the CBAM.

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Keep up to date on the latest news and developments.

"The Regulated Carbon Project is on a mission to make this market efficient, transparent and inclusive."

Plinio Herrera Schuwirth 
Founder and COO
The Regulated Carbon Project